Two-meter python creates stir in South Pattaya neighborhood

The slippery serpent didn’t go quietly, wrapping itself around its captor’s arms.

A two-meter python temporarily raised blood pressures in a South Pattaya neighborhood.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous told Pattaya Mail that he saw the serpentine visitor slithering through the garden shortly after letting the cat out at around midnight on Feb. 22.

After the unraveling, the python was bagged and returned to the wild.

“It curled itself into a comfortable spot under a bush near the water pump. I called the Pattaya 1337 call center, and she called the snake catchers. They arrived about an hour later and had the snake snatched and bagged in less than five minutes.”

The lead catcher said that the python was probably dining on frogs and the local wild kitten population.
He said they’d relocate the animal to the wild where it would be safe and “happy.”

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