Beachfront parking woes ignite tensions in Pattaya City Hall

Pattaya Councillor Supakit Chompoonuch raises concerns over the acute shortage of parking spaces along the beachfront, exacerbated during peak periods, attributing the issue to the monopolization of parking spots by rental car operators.

Pattaya, Thailand – In response to mounting complaints from tourists about inadequate parking facilities along the bustling beachfront, the Pattaya City council initiated discussions with the city administration to tackle the issue head-on.

Pattaya Councillor Supakit Chompoonuch raised the alarm on March 29, regarding the acute shortage of parking spaces, particularly during peak periods like weekends and public holidays. Tourists and travellers alike have expressed palpable frustration, with the problem largely attributed to rental car operators monopolizing parking spots.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet clarified that parking on the beach side is strictly prohibited under existing traffic regulations. However, proactive steps have been taken to create designated parking areas along the beach, capable of accommodating over 90 vehicles. Legislative measures are also underway to regulate parking fees on public roads, with a specific focus on Beach Road.

The mayor emphasized the need for cooperation among beach umbrella operators, who will be directly affected by these stringent measures. He urged tourists and stakeholders to collaborate with the city administration in fortifying parking infrastructure and meeting the growing demand for parking spaces.