Bang Saen Beach to welcome Bangkok tourists this weekend

Bang Saen Beach on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.
Bang Saen Beach on a quiet Tuesday afternoon.

CHONBURI– Bang Saen beach, in Chonburi province, is going to open, with all business and other activities allowed, on the 5th of June.

People have started to take their friends and family to relax and swim in the sea at Bang Saen beach in Chonburi province once again, after it had been closed for over 2 months. The atmosphere today was not bustling though, because today is a work day.

Usually, the beach is full of tourists from Bangkok and nearby area during weekends and other holidays.

The officers have dismantled fences and ropes that were used to close the beach, so tourists can relax at the seaside. However, shops and beach bed providers will be allowed to resume work on 5th of June. Most importantly, the officers asked all visitors to protect themselves and prohibited all kinds of alcoholic drinks.

Some of the visitors said they are glad that the government has finally allowed the beach to open, because the family like to go to the beach. They also stressed that the disease prevention measures are still needed, the protection is now part of the new normal.(NNT)