Aussie woman runs over, kills Pattaya condo painter

A CCTV camera photo shows Prasit Karbpetch painting traffic lines on the road just moments before Michelle Ann Eddy turned into the condo entrance and ran over him.

An Australian woman ran over and killed a condominium painter she claimed she never saw.
Michelle Ann Eddy, 62, was detained by police for questioning Jan. 12 after killing Prasit Karbpetch, 45, with her Ford Fiesta at the Wongamat Residence Condominium, on Naklua Soi 16.

Witness Somphan Sangsuwan, 32, said he and Prasit were painting traffic lines at the condo parking lot, with the older man measuring and taping off lines near the security guard’s booth.

As he knelt on the ground, Eddy pulled in and ran over Prasit, apparently not realizing it, as she continued motoring into the parking garage. She was then informed that bump she went over on the way in was a human being.

Prasit died at the scene of catastrophic injuries.
The elderly Aussie claimed she didn’t see Prasit on the ground or realize she’d hit something.

Police interrogate Michelle Ann Eddy (left) after the freak accident that claimed the life of a condo traffic lines painter.