Antiquated wooden house in Pattaya goes up in flames

A two-storey wooden house was gutted by fire in Nongprue sub-district burned.

A Thai-style 2-storied wooden house in Nongprue sub-district burned to the ground on the afternoon of June 10.

The fire department from the Pattaya Nongprue sub-district Disaster Prevention and Mitigation rushed to the scene and tried in vain to save it.

They fought the fire for over an hour, but the ferocity of the flames burning through the all-wooden house was too strong to control.

After the fire had died down, firefighters inspected the premises to make sure that there were no more burning embers left that could ignite again.

The house and everything in it was destroyed. Forensic experts will inspect the burnt-out home to determine the cause of the fire, which was initially thought to have been caused by an electrical short circuit.

The owner of the house was not identified and no one was reported injured.

Firefighters from the Nongprue Disaster Prevention and Mitigation fought the flames for about an hour before bringing them under control.

The wooden house was destroyed.