‘AIDS Temple’ abbot donates rice to Pattaya’s needy

More than 2000 people gathered at the Nongprue Health Garden to receive food packages from the revered Luang Pho Alongkot Tikkapanyo.

The abbot of Lopburi’s famed “AIDS Temple” donated rice and consumer products to 2,000 Pattaya-area locals hit by the coronavirus recession.

Luang Pho Alongkot Tikkapanyo of Phra Bat Numpu Temple chaired his fourth “Rice Shares Happiness Against Covid-19 event” at the Nongprue Health Garden Feb. 22.

The abbot has taken donations from across the country, letting people pay just 20 baht to donate one kilogram of rice purchased directly from farmers.

Donation events were held in Nongprue for 500 people and at Wat Chaimongkol Temple in South Pattaya for 1,500 people.

Luang Pho Alongkot or Pha Rachawisuttiprachanart, Abbot of Wat Prabathnumpu gives a sermon to the congregation before distributing food packages to the needy.

Luang Pho Alongkot has won global recognition for his work at the temple that cares for 150 AIDS patients and more than 1,000 orphans.

Those wishing to donate to the monk’s Prachanart Fund can do so through Kasikorn Bank account number 174-2-39000-0 or call 062-751-8800 and 066-151-044.

Volunteers hand out food packages to men, women and children.