Line your complaints to NBTC


Dear Sir,

With stay at home recommendations during COVID, many people turn to the television to pass the time.

As if all of the ongoing interrupted programs on Banglamung Cable Television (BTV) weren’t trying enough, which subscribers think could and should be fixed, recently a rearranging of channel numbers without notifying customers of the new lineup of channels or a program guide in the mail or on the telie of what shows are being televised, BTV has dropped 4 of the 5 of their English language movie channels and keeping subscription fees the same. 1 is too much, but 4 out of 5 gone, with BTV stating they have no intention to add more, is excessive. It is bad enough that some English language TV series have also vanished, but BTV expects their subscribers to buy a cable-ready digital box to view all of the channels.

But that is what the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) was created for, and you are encouraged to phone them at 1200, or to notify the NBTC office via Application LINE by adding @nbtc1200 should you think that these lessened services are excessive, and would like them to do something about it. They are here for you to voice your opinion if you feel that 4 replacement English language stations of high quality, not B grade, is fair and appropriate.

Respectfully submitted by Sir William of Doodadshire