66 arrested at illegal Pattaya beach party

Police raid the illegal beach party rounding up a total of 66 Thais and foreigners.

Sixty-six people were arrested at an illegal beach party in Pattaya.

Deputy District Chief Pornchai Sungeid led Banglamung police to the Bamboo Beach Club about 8:30 p.m. July 27 where 37 Thais and 29 foreigners were partying, drinking and mingling without face masks as if there wasn’t a raging virus epidemic surrounding them.

Some of those attending tried to escape with one woman hiding in a trash bag and a foreign man trying to cover himself with a beach mat. Both feeble attempts failed and all the reckless party people now face fines of up to 40,000 baht and up to two years in prison.

The beach club manager faces even more charges, including violating the emergency decree, opening a bar against closure orders, illegally selling alcohol and encouraging group gatherings.

A Banglamung police officer stands watch while law enforcement officers talk to the guests.

The merry-makers stand forlorn after having been busted for gathering at a forbidden drinking beach party.
Officers explain to the revelers that it is against the emergency decree to have group gatherings and drinking alcohol.

In normal circumstances this would have been a most ideal location for a beach party, but these are not normal times and there is a raging virus epidemic around us.
Foreign revelers wait patiently while police officers make their initial investigations at the scene of the illegal gathering.

Confused and disappointed party goers and business operators wish for the good old days to come back again soon.

This is not how a party should come to an end…in the back of a paddy wagon.