2 months after reopening, Pattaya’s recovery still months away

Many massage shops and convenience stores on Pattaya 2nd Road have closed.

It’s been two months since Pattaya reopened, but there are few signs the city’s economy is recovering.

Nid, owner of the Yindee hair salon on Thepprasit Road, said March 30 that her shop has lost about half the customers she had before the Covid-19 pandemic. While her customers are not tourists, they worked in hotels, bars and restaurants that depend on foreign tourists.

Most of those businesses are now closed or have laid off staff. Many have left Pattaya for their home provinces and the ones who have remained are getting their hair cut less often.

Many days she takes in only 300-600 baht, Nid said.

Bars on Pattaya Beach Road still haven’t filled up.

The government claims that its move to shorten quarantines from 14 to 10 days starting April 1 will spark a tourism revival. Pattaya business owners interviewed disagree. As long as Thailand insists on quarantines – especially for those already vaccinated against the coronavirus – tourists won’t come and Pattaya won’t recover.

In the second half of 2021, vaccine production and use will be widespread, which will help increase the number of foreign tourists leading to a gradual recovery of the Thai economy.

Events held by Pattaya City could help small businesses, but big businesses still have no benefit if the country remains closed.

Industry experts say tourism and hotel businesses can adjust to the post-pandemic environment by increasing the use of new technologies, emphasizing the analysis of tourists’ different and diverse demands to offer services that can meet personal demand and prioritize safety in health and hygiene.

Street vendors sometimes lose money on slow days.

Beers are cheaper, but there’s no one to buy them.

Many businesses relying on tourism on Pattaya 2nd Road have closed.

The Yindee Hair Salon is hanging on by a hair.