16 children hurt as school bus tumbles into canal

Villagers rush to rescue the 16 small children out of the school bus that tumbled into the water-clogged ditch beside the road.

Sixteen students suffered minor injuries when their school 6-wheel minibus overturned into a ditch in Panthong district of Chonburi.

Seven girls ages 6-10 and nine boys ages 7-15 were treated at Panthong Hospital after their Pongsiri Wittaya School bus slid into a ditch beside the road behind Sri Pracharam Temple Nov. 21.

Villagers in the area waiting to pick up their brood were stunned as they witnessed the incident, screaming frantically for passersby to help rescue the children from the partly submerged bus.

Driver Eakarat Sae-Lao, 65, said he had parked the six-wheeled minibus on the roadside to let some students off, but the soft ground gave way as the front tire slid off the road causing the vehicle to tumble into the water-filled canal where it lay on its side.

Fortunately all the children were rescued safely with some of them suffering minor injuries.

A disquieted mother holds her injured child as a paramedic applies first aid to his injuries.