Foreign beer bar owner held for brutally beating girlfriend in Pattaya

Paramedics found 20-year-old Jeeranan lying bruised and batter on the floor of her European boyfriend’s house after he brutally assaulted her.

A drunk Caucasian Pattaya bar owner is behind bars after assaulting his young girlfriend.

Jeeranan Sonthong, 20, was found bruised, beaten and lying on the floor of the Eakmongkol 8 Village house she shared with the unidentified foreigner.  The house was a shambled with a broken glass door and smashed belongings.

The Phetchabun native said the European man has owned a Pattaya beer bar for about four months. She said he beat her several times and she was planning to leave him. But while she was packing her belonging the drunken boyfriend confronted her and they began arguing again. He punched her until she fell and kicked her when she was down.

The foreigner, obviously drunk, shouted at police and claimed he had police connections to protect him. He continued insulting the girl, saying he didn’t care if she became crippled or even died.

The drunken foreigner shouted at police claiming he had connections to protect him, while the severely injured girl lies on a stretcher waiting to be transported to a hospital.