16 busted in raid of illegal Pattaya after-hours pub

Pattaya police busted the Posh club on Soi Bongkot which was in full swing at 4.30 a.m. where they found packets of drugs and illegal vape liquid.

Police arrested 16 people in an early morning raid of an illegal Thai pub in South Pattaya.
Patrol officers became suspicious around 4:30 a.m. Nov. 28 when they spotted a group of cars and motorcycles parked outside the supposedly closed Posh 6 on Soi Bongkot. They called in backup after hearing music inside.

When police busted in, they found 100 people still partying, packets of drugs in the toilets and exits and no licenses for a cache of illegal e-cigarette liquid.

Fifteen people were arrested after failing tests for methamphetamine use. The unidentified manager also was taken into custody.

Along with the drugs and vape liquid, police discovered that Posh 6 not only didn’t have entertainment or liquor licenses, the building itself was never registered with city hall. Yet it had electricity and running water. Officers also seized electronic records showing alcohol sales until 6 a.m. most nights.

The venue’s owners were charged with operating and selling alcohol without licenses, allowing drugs on the premises, and possession of illegal vape liquid.
Authorities will seek an order to permanently close the business.