11-year-old girl allegedly sexually assaulted by grandfather in Pattaya

The parents, Mr. Aek (alias) and Ms. Biu (alias), hold up the police report and a photograph of the alleged perpetrator, Grandpa Chao, during their emotional plea for justice.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a shocking incident that unfolded on May 25, an 11-year-old girl faced unimaginable horror near her family’s residence in Soi Thung Klom Tan Man 13, East Pattaya, when her own 50-year-old grandfather allegedly tried to rape her.

According to the parents, Mr. Aek (alias), 31, and Ms. Biu (alias), 21, their daughter, Ae (alias) went to call her 7-year-old brother, who was playing at Grandpa Chao’s room. Instead of finding her brother, Ae stumbled upon a nightmare. She alleged that Grandpa Chao forcibly pulled her into his room, bound her hands and feet with a white rope, and attempted to rape her. Fortunately, her 7-year-old brother arrived just in time to intervene, preventing further harm.

Nong Ae, traumatized and threatened by Grandpa Chao, initially kept the incident to herself. It wasn’t until her older sister noticed her distressing behaviour that the truth emerged. On May 13, Nong Ae finally revealed the horrifying ordeal to her family. Without hesitation, the parents accompanied their daughter to Nongprue Police Station to file a report. Medical examination yielded inconclusive evidence of rape due to the absence of penetration.

The situation escalated when Grandpa Chao attempted to intrude into the family’s home again the following day, presumably to harm Nong Ae. Thankfully, passers-by heard her cries and thwarted his sinister plans. The parents went to Grandpa Chao’s residence to confront him with the allegations, but he was not at home. Instead, they turned to the landlady, who employed him. The landlady dismissed the allegations, emphasizing Grandpa Chao’s 15-year tenure as an employee and hinting at his influential connections within the local community.

Despite their initial fear and the lack of concrete evidence, the parents remain resolute in seeking justice for their daughter. However, the investigation has stalled over the past ten days. Urgently appealing for intervention, they call upon Khunying Pavena Hongsakul, Chairperson of the Pavena Foundation for Children and Women, to ensure accountability for the perpetrator and justice for Nong Ae.