Your pain is speaking…are you listening? at Pattaya City Expats Club

Shalini Yamdagni explains to her PCEC audience how tapping certain points while concentrating on a negative thought, emotion, or experience can relieve chronic pain; thus removing the underlying cause for chronic pain.

This was the topic of Shalini Joshi Yamdagni, a recognized authority on holistic pain relief, at the Wednesday, June 15th meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC). Shalini is the author of the book, “Instant Pain Relief: A Simple and Effective Approach for Healing Chronic Pain”; since its publication, it reached Amazon’s Best Seller list and No.1 in the Holistic Medicine Category.

Shalini began by telling a little about herself. She was born in India, but has lived in Thailand for most of her life; now living in Bangkok. About 15 years ago, she was experiencing chronic pain. She visited a prominent international hospital in Bangkok to no avail as she continued to experience pain which got worse. It became so bad that she quit her job. Eventually she became bedridden. Since the conventional medical treatment she tried failed to provide relief, Shalini discovered an invaluable tool online called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping.

She then embarked on a healing journey and used EFT to heal herself completely. Since then, Shalini has endeavored to help others to understand that pain may be a symptom of an emotional issue and how they can free themselves of chronic pain simply and easily.

Before explaining the benefits of EFT, she said that one needs to understand the following: why pain is not the enemy; key mistakes people in chronic pain make that keeps them stuck; and how a simple do it yourself tool such as EFT can be used to manage pain instantly and naturally.

MC Ren Lexander presented Shalini Yamdagni with the PCEC’s Certificate of Appreciation. Shalini displays the certificate while Ren holds up a copy of her book.

She explained that chronic pain is a messenger; it often is a symptom of emotional issues, not injury. Further chronic pain is multilayered and may have several rather than just one cause. The 4 key mistakes people make are: (1) the focus on physical pain only; (2) trying the same treatments over and over when they are not working; (3) thinking that the root cause of their chronic pain is the physical; and (4) thinking they have tried everything and since nothing works they have to live with pain.

She described how her research revealed that her chronic pain was the result of several negative emotional experiences. She then applied “tapping” to remove those emotional events one by one until she was pain free. Negative thoughts/memories or emotions are blockages in your energy flow which causes pain and/or disease.

First, you need to answer some key questions to get to the root cause of your pain. (1) When was the first time you noticed this pain? (2) Was there any physical incident that started the pain? (3) What was the key stress in your life around the time the pain started? (4) What emotional pain in your life does this pain remind you of? (5) Which area in your life has been feeling off balance – financial life, work life, relationships, family? and (6) What painful incidents in your life do you find hard to forget or forgive? She said to make a list as there may be several events in response to these questions.

Shalini Yamdagni had copies of her book “Instant Pain Relief: A Simple and Effective Approach for Healing Chronic Pain” available for sale. Here she is signing a copy purchased by a PCEC member.

To apply tapping, bring one of these emotional events to the front of your mind and concentrate on it. She then explained and demonstrated the tapping technique showing the 9 points to tap: (1) top of the head, (2) each eyebrow, (3) side of each eye, (4) under each eye, (5) under the nose, (6) the chin, (7) both collarbones, (8) under each arm, and (9) the hands like a karate chop.

In conclusion, Shalini said she had copies of her book available for purchase and provided information on how to contact her by email [email protected] and visit her website at During the Question and Answer session, two members of the audience stated that they have used her EFT method and it did indeed cure them of their chronic pain.

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