The buster guide to ending Pattaya boredom

In case you can’t find anything more constructive to do today, you could always Play It Again Sam.
In case you can’t find anything more constructive to do today, you could always Play It Again Sam.

You are likely weary of the constant instructions to flatten the curve, plank the virus and avoid human contact.The oft-pushed boredom-solution of watching Netflix endlesslyat home has grown tiresome too.Maybe you could try watching the endless episodes of the zombie marathon The Walking Dead because if you get up to answer the phone or make a cup of tea you won’t have missed anything much in the meantime.

Others have tried to pass the endless hours by writing emails to friends and relatives or having live conversations on Skype or Zoom.But even that novelty doesn’t last indefinitely.One Pattaya retiree was asked by his grandson in UK to explain why somebody eating a bowl of bat soup in China has resulted in a toilet paper shortage in Liverpool.After two hours he gave up.There are worse things than being on your own.

Of course, what you have to do is to turn a crisis into an opportunity.Isaac Newton was sent home from his college in 1665 during a plague outbreak but sensibly redoubled his efforts to learn maths and science at his spacious mansion.When an apple bonked him on the head, he instantly understood the theories of gravity and motion.

Shakespeare was very disappointed when the London theatres all closed because the Black Death was wiping out most the cast and the spectators.But he retreated to his modest rooms and wrote King Lear and Antony and Cleopatra in less than a fortnight.Thus he ended his own boredom at the cost of inflicting it on generations of schoolchildren four hundred years later.

Maybe pets are the answer.Lots of videos on social media reveal that cats can be taught to play tic-tac-toe with their owners provided there are some Treats to paw around.And the felines frequently win.Other humans have turned to community bingo which involves one person with a loud voice and a megaphone standing in front of a condominium and shouting numbers to a various residents who have assembled on their individual balconies.Don’t try this in Pattaya unless you have a work permit.

A better alternative might be to do something really useful.For example, there are a number of internet sites detailing unclaimed money from the government, wills and various lotteries and inviting claimants to get in touch.If you happen during your research to come across a name you recognize, he or she will likely be delighted to hear from you and strike up a strong friendship, howbeit at a distance.


Back to the movies.The 1942 romantic drama Casablanca revealed a city full of non-immigrant foreigners bored stiff whilst waiting for those difficult-to-obtain transit visas to the Portuguese capital Lisbon.The anguish on their faces makes a trip to the local immigration bureau seem like a dream come true. Some played chess in the crowded streets, others boozed and gambled in the local club and several (sorry, females only) offered to perform horizontal leisure pursuits with the local police captain.Sadly, these various options are not legally available in Pattaya at the moment and could easily result in an unpleasant confinement without air conditioning.

But Casablanca is full of fake news.Letters of transit simply did not exist and there were no flights from Morocco to Lisbon during the second world war.There are several other historical nonsenses in that Bogart blockbuster too.In case you can’t find anything more constructive to do today, you could always Play It Again Sam.