Sporting superstars

Shot put for lower body disability.

Students arriving to study at the Technological College for People with Disabilities usually have one thing in common, apart from living with a disability. Many are of the belief that they cannot achieve much in life. They have been told this by family, friends and society, and so this is what they believe.

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However, once they are at the College everything changes and none more so than during the annual three day sporting competition. All students are encouraged to take part in at least one sporting tournament, even if they come last they will still win a point for their team.

One young man who arrived two years ago and had previously never taken part in any sport, this year entered into more events than anyone else and won most of them.

He won the 100m, 200m and 400m wheelchair races, he has only one leg, as well as the 100m and 200m one legged race. He also took part in the discus, javelin and shotput competition, the swimming races, and the wheelchair badminton event, though he had to pull out of the wheelchair basketball final due to an injured finger. Maneuvering a wheelchair, bouncing a ball and trying to score a goal at the same time with an injured finger was not going to be easy.

Just goes to show that telling someone they can’t do something, does not mean that can’t do it.

The one legged racers.


Winning the 200 meters.

Winning the 400m race.


Young ladies preparing to race.