Songkran celebrations reach fever pitch in Bangsaen Beach

Traffic gridlock on Sukhumvit Road, the main artery to Bangsaen Beach, as vehicles converge towards the Songkran festivities. Both inbound and outbound lanes experience heavy congestion, forming a bumper-to-bumper maze towards the heart of the celebrations.

BANGSAEN BEACH, Thailand – On the evening of April 13, Songkran festivities in Bangsaen Beach reached their climax, attracting crowds of revelers from Bangkok and nearby areas. Situated app. 50 kilometers from Pattaya City, Bangsaen emerged as the focal point of lively celebrations, marking the traditional Thai New Year with enthusiasm.

Sukhumvit Road, the main route to Bangsaen Beach, saw heavy traffic congestion as vehicles streamed towards the festivities. Both inbound and outbound lanes were heavily congested, creating a maze of bumper-to-bumper traffic heading towards the center of the celebrations.

The traffic congestion extended to Khao Lam Road, designated as a Songkran water play area, where motorist suffered significant delays. Despite attempts to manage traffic flow, the sheer number of participants contributed to the gridlock, intensifying the festive atmosphere.

At 7 p.m., the influx of locals and tourists to Bangsaen continued unabated as they joined in the spirited Songkran celebrations. The festivities are scheduled to run until April 17, promising several days of joy, water splashing, and cultural festivities.

As Bangsaen concludes its Songkran festivities, the baton of celebration will shift to Naklua and Pattaya on April 18 and 19, marking a transition in the epicenter of festivity for revelers in the region.