Seafood sells big on Pattaya’s Koh Larn Island over holiday

The long holiday proved to be a must needed boost for the seafood market on Koh Larn.

Not only tourists were moving through Koh Larn’s front pier. The seafood was going fast too.

Sellers reported brisk sales Feb. 26-27 as nearly 10,000 people a day visited the Pattaya resort island. Crab, shrimp, squid, shells and various types of fish were all in high demand.

One seller, identified as Dilok, said 80 percent of the tourists he saw arriving at the front pier were Thai with foreigners, most with Thai partners, making up the rest.

Ferry operators added more boats to the schedule for the busy Macha Bucha holiday weekend, but regular schedules will resume Monday.

The government claims this is proof their tourism promotion projects are effective.

Thousands of tourists visited Koh Larn over the long holiday weekend.

Koh Larn ferries were once again packed to the gunnels, a reminder of the pre-pandemic glory days.