Rotary Club Pattaya Marina brings relief to ailing bedridden Pattaya citizens

Past President Eric Larbouillat (2nd left) and Saowanee Thongkum (left) present pressure relief air mattresses and daily supplies to relatives of the Soi Kophai bedridden senior citizens in Central Pattaya.

Members of the French-speaking Rotary Club Pattaya Marina led by Past President Eric Larbouillat and Saowanee Thongkum visited two elderly bedridden citizens in Soi Kophai on July 12, to bring them much-needed relief supplies to sustain them during the pandemic crisis.

Boonma U-yen, vice chairman of the Community Primary Health Center, received pressure relief air mattresses and daily supplies on behalf of Sampao U-yen, 62, and Mali U-charoen received the same items for her 96-year-old mother Charoen U-charoen.