Pattaya’s Koh Larn Coral Island gets new 4-lane road

Pattaya Civil engineers clear the Tha Rai area on Koh Larn to build the new 4-lane road.

Pattaya’s plan to develop and modernize the Neo Koh Larn (Coral Island) got a boost when plans were approved to build a new 4-lane road through an uninhabited and uncultivated part of the island.

The original holders of the two rai plot of land on which the road is to be built generously donated the land to Pattaya City for public use.

On July 10, Kiattisak Sriwongchai, Pattaya City deputy clerk, gave the go-ahead to the city’s Technical and Civil Engineering Department and Koh Larn municipal officers to begin work on clearing the Tha Rai area, which was overgrown with trees and underbrush, and without any public paths or roads going through it.

Construction of the 20 meters wide, 150 meters long, 4-lane steel-enforced concrete road is underway. This road leads to the proposed construction site of a modern cargo port currently being used as a temporary cargo port.

Further development and construction of the new permanent port can proceed only after getting the approval of the residents on Koh Larn and those concerned on the mainland.

Generous landholders donated the two rai plot of land needed to construct a public road.

The 4-lane public road leads to a projected upgrade to the cargo port.

Electric poles will have to be moved to widen the road.