Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard visits Mae Sot projects

RCES members pose with the students and staff of the Mercy Home for Disabled in Mae Sot.

MAE SOT, Thailand – A group of members from the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard (RCES) Pattaya recently visited the Mae Sot region in western Thailand, where they have been supporting various humanitarian projects for many years. The group witnessed the impact of their donations and efforts on the lives of the local people, especially the children.

The first stop was the Mercy Home for Disabled, a nonprofit organization that provides care and education for young people with physical and mental disabilities. The RCES members were impressed by the facilities and the services offered by the staff and volunteers. They also had a chance to interact with the students and learn about their stories and aspirations.

The next destination was a migrant Education Centre, one of the 74 learning centres in the area that cater to the needs of the migrant children from Myanmar. The RCES members were moved by the enthusiasm and dedication of the teachers and the students, who face many challenges and risks in their pursuit of education. The group donated some books and stationery to the centre and encouraged the children to continue their studies.

The final visit of the day was to a dormitory that houses the orphaned children from the school. The RCES members were saddened by the harsh realities of the migrant situation, but also inspired by the resilience and hope of the children. The group pledged to support the dormitory with food and supplies, and to advocate for the rights and welfare of the migrants.

The RCES members returned from their trip with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Mae Sot region and its people. They also renewed their commitment to the Water for Life projects, which aim to provide clean and safe water to the communities in need. The RCES members expressed their gratitude to their partners and friends in Mae Sot, and their determination to continue their humanitarian work.

A group of disabled children show their enthusiasm for learning at a school supported by RCES.

A RCES member plays a disabled student at the Mercy Home for Disabled.
Members of the Rotary Club Eastern Seaboard (RCES) visited the Mae Sot region, where group witnessed the impact of their donations and efforts on the lives of the local people, especially the children.