Rising energy demand, fuel prices hit Pattaya transport

Pattaya baht buses are also hit by rising fuel prices, but residents and tourists are turning to this mode of transport as it is still the cheapest way to travel.

Pattaya businesses are being hit with the double whammy of fuel prices rising at the same time as the demand for energy nationwide is surging due to Thailand’s economic recovery.

Operators of metered and motorcycle taxis, tourist vans, baht buses, tour boats and jet skis all are reporting hardship due to inflation, driven by soaring prices for diesel fuel and gasoline. The situation worsened May 1 after the government ended its diesel subsidy, which had capped the price of a liter of diesel at 30 baht.
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On Sunday, prices or diesel will rise to more than 31 baht and more than 41 baht a liter for gasohol 91 & 95.
Overall inflation also is up, rising 4.9% in May after a rise of more than 5% in April. Blue collar workers in Pattaya said they’re seeing costs rise for everything they buy.

Many working in tourism said they expect things to improve once Pattaya starts drawing a greater number of foreign tourists, but, right now, the situation remains unbalanced.

Pattaya and Thailand, as a whole, has seen its tourism-dependent economy recover. But, with it, has been a rise in the demand fuel and energy.

The Department of Energy Business said energy use nationwide jumped 9.3% in the January-March quarter year-on-year.

Tourists board large boats to go to Koh Larn Island for only 30 baht per person compared to 1000 baht to hire a speedboat. With rising fuel costs, these low fares are expected to rise too.