Phoenix Pattaya Rotarians distribute food to distressed adults and children

A man thankfully receives food and water from two members of the Rotary Club of Phoenix Pattaya.

Members of the Rotary Club of Phoenix Pattaya, led by President Dieter Barth, came together to distribute food to destitute men, women and children who are suffering the painful effects of the Covid-19 pandemic that has devastated the lives of millions of people the world over for the past two years.

The Rotarians from the German-speaking club set up their meal station on Pattaya Second Road near Soi 6 on August 29, where they distributed 300 boxes of cooked meals and water to the impoverished people of Pattaya.

Most of these people lived and worked along 2nd Road. They were employees of tourism-oriented businesses such as bars and restaurants, souvenir shops and physical massage salons that have all closed down.

Another sector of workers who lost practically all their income was the motorbike taxi drivers.

A Rotarian hands out food boxes to the children.

During the flourishing days of business and tourism, motorbike taxis were the most functional and practical mode of transport for Thais and foreigners alike.

One motorbike taxi driver said, “Back then, we were quite busy during the day, but the busiest work period was at night when we served employees of the nightlife business throughout the evening and late into the night when they needed a ride to go home after work.

“Tourists and foreign residents were also our very good customers. They preferred to hitch a ride on a motorbike when they went out on the town and again when they returned to their homes or hotels late at night. They felt safe riding with us.

A Pattaya City Hall police officer helps to keep order and safety during the food distribution process.

“Even now as we struggle to make ends meet, we are again hit with the 9 p.m. curfew which deprives us of all our late night income.”

As the people went by the Rotary table to pick up a bag of food, they lifted their hands up in a polite Thai ‘Wai,’ thanking the generous Rotarians and their families for the generosity and kindness shown towards the men, women and especially the children of Pattaya.

President Dieter Barth said, “I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Pattaya City Hall for assigning a team of safety and security personnel to ensure that the food distribution process was conducted in an orderly and safe manner.

“Seeing that there are thousands of people who are in dire need of food, Rotarians have decided that we will raise more funds and organise another food distribution mission very soon.”

President Dieter Barth (left) and Andreas Labinski display the City Hall letter permitting them to organise the charity food project in town.

Rotarians distributed 300 parcels of food and water to the needy people of Pattaya.

The people raise their hands and cheer as the food distribution mission gets underway.