Pattaya Wan Lai water festival draws tens of thousands of joyful revellers

An aerial view captures the lively Wan Lai festivities along Beach Road, set against the stunning backdrop of Pattaya Bay, as crowds revel in the joyous celebration of Songkran.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The streets of Pattaya came alive on April 19, with jubilant crowds as locals and tourists gathered to celebrate the Songkran Festival at the annual Pattaya, Flowing Day, known as Wan Lai. The festivities commenced with a traditional ceremony, where Buddha images and monks received blessings with sacred water, in turn, bestowing good fortune upon all in attendance.

As the day unfolded, excitement mounted from the Dusit Thani curve to the bustling Walking Street, captivating participants and onlookers alike. Beach Road was cordoned off from traffic, paving the way for a grand water festival spanning over 2.8 kilometers. From lively concerts to engaging water play zones, the event offered entertainment for attendees of all ages. Scheduled water activities, extending from afternoon until midnight, drew throngs of locals and tourists eager to partake in the revelry.

Joyous crowds revel in the water play zones along Beach Road, indulging in the spirited atmosphere of Pattaya’s Wan Lai celebration, a highlight of the Songkran Festival.

Despite the sweltering heat, attendees immersed themselves wholeheartedly in the festivities, undeterred by the stringent safety measures in place. Local vendors seized the opportunity to showcase their wares, offering an array of water guns, foam, masks, and refreshments along the beachfront, further enhancing the festive ambiance. However, authorities remained vigilant, enforcing regulations to curb the sale and usage of high-pressure PVC water guns and foam spray cans, prioritizing public safety and accident prevention.

Local vendors line the beachfront, offering an array of water guns, foam, and refreshments, adding to the festive atmosphere of Pattaya’s Songkran celebration.