Pattaya tourism groups form federation to boost revenue

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet congratulates Thanes Supornsaharungsri on being elected as the President of the Association of Chonburi Tourism Federation (ACTF).

Pattaya’s tourism and hospitality sector has launched the Association of Chonburi Tourism Federation (ACTF) to improve tourism revenue in the Chonburi province. The federation, which comprises 22 tourism associations and hospitality groups, is focused on addressing industry challenges and enhancing competitiveness.

Chonburi is the second-most visited province in Thailand, with 17.2 million visitors in September, an 82% increase from last year. However, the revenue remains below 2019 levels, with 154 billion baht earned in the first nine months of the year. Most of the revenue came from foreign tourist spending.

The ACTF, formed by groups that worked together during the pandemic, aims to unite local tourism businesses and provide a platform for smaller operators to participate in tourism development discussions.

Pattaya’s tourism industry is showing signs of recovery, driven by foreign markets and local weekend visitors, but the sector is still facing challenges. The occupancy rate in November was only 60%, partly due to a weaker-than-expected Chinese market. (NNT)

The ACTF is a newly formed federation of 22 tourism associations and hospitality groups in the Chonburi province, aiming to boost tourism revenue and overcome industry challenges.