Pattaya Sports Club and Rotarians renovate Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center

Members of the Pattaya Sports Club and the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya pose with the happy children during the handover ceremonies for the renovated and remedial work done to the Anti Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center.

The Pattaya Sports Club and Rotary Club of Jomtien combined their resources to renovate sections of the Anti Human Trafficking and Child Abuse Center.

PSC President Stan Rees, Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya President Peter Marsh and past presidents Tim Knight and Peter Malhotra, PSC Charity Committee Chairperson Noi Emerson and members of the PSC and Rotary officially turned over the repaired and expanded facilities to foundation Director Palisorn Noja June 13.

Palisorn had asked for community help in improving the facilities in the futsal sports field, install additional lighting, renovate restrooms, build metal clothes racks, concrete floor and washing sinks, repair drains and more.

PSC sent a technical team to fix the edge of the futsal field and install seven floodlights powered with solar cells. Volunteers also built a drainage trench to a sewage pipe to solve flooding, installed clotheslines and a laundry area, built an additional restroom, replaced flooring and built stairs in a prayer room.

The children enjoy washing their clothes in their new washing sinks.

The renovations cost was 89,000 baht which was paid for from funds raised by Tod and Nok Givens at a PSC charity golf tournament amounting to 46,000 baht, another 10,000 baht in proceeds from the PSC 2020 Halloween party, PSC private donations of 8000 baht, and topped off with a 25,000 baht donation from the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya raised at the Rotary Charity Music Festival held in early April.

Palisorn thanked the volunteers for their generosity, noting that the center is busy while school is out of session with many activities taking place on the sports field at night.

He noted, however, that the ATCC has more problems, such as a dilapidated mushroom-farming hut. Anyone wishing to donate time or money can call 081-949-9349 or 081-411-1750.

The kids try out their newly built heavy-duty steel clothes racks.

Tim Knight proudly points to the new solar lighting installed at the futsal field.


PSC President Stan Rees (left) and Rotary president Peter Marsh discuss closer cooperation on future humanitarian projects for underprivileged children.

Noi Emerson and Palisorn Noja inspect the completed repair work on the futsal field.