Pattaya School No. 6 raises 285,576 baht for urgent repairs

Pattaya City officials together with school No. 6 administrators led the “Tod Phapa” procession in a ceremony that raised 282,575 baht to fix a collapsed ceiling and other school repairs.

While no longer part of Thamsamakee Temple, Pattaya School No. 6 raised 282,575 baht to fix a collapsed ceiling and other expenses with a modified robes-donation event.

School director Ms. Sataporn Lawiroj and Wat Thamsamakee Temple Abbot Phra Acharn Paisanjariyakorn together organized the school’s annual open house and a call for cash donations – not monk’s robes – in the “tod phapa for education” fundraiser.

Tod Phapa traditionally is a way for Buddhists to make merit by donating robes to monks, but has morphed over the years to include everything from candles to cash. That School No. 6 – the former temple school now a Pattaya public facility – is perhaps the biggest twist on the ceremony.

The money will be used to repair a ceiling that collapsed in a classroom and fund the purchase of new instruments and uniforms for the marching band.

City Councilman Banlue Kullavanijaya opened the March 13 open house, which saw 1,185 kindergarten through ninth-grade students show off academic, art and science projects.

School director Sataporn Lawiroj points to the deteriorated ceiling in one of the classrooms that needs urgent repairs before it collapses and hurts the children.

Pattaya City Councilmen Banjong Banthoonprayuk makes an offering to Abbot Phra Acharn Paisanjariyakorn of Wat Thamsamakee Temple during the religious ceremony.