Pattaya Prowl: Tourism downside


Tourism downside
Lots of complaints out of Phuket (in particular) and Pattaya about Russian tourists and longstayers getting a bad name for drunkenness, violence and drug smuggling. Not to mention locals complaining that some of them are even working illegally in massage parlors or as taxi drivers. Apparently, Russians like to be served by people who speak the language. Another attraction is that Phuket has very few Ukrainians.

The more affluent Russians, including draft dodgers, are taking up the offer of 5 year visas for a one-off cash payment of 600,000 baht. These guys and gals are here for the long haul. Given that Russians face entry hurdles obtaining entry to many countries, the Thai surge is to be expected. There are already rumors that Thailand’s new coalition government (if allowed to take office) will be taking a harder look at immigration policy.

֎ It’s official. The Move Forward Party, favorites to run the new government, will relist cannabis as a narcotic. Does this mean that thousands of retail outlet will close? Not necessarily.

֎ The Sizzler bar in Pattaya’s Royal Garden has a great salad selection for 199 baht (149 baht with membership) with some new dishes introduced recently. Go see.

֎ Souled Out, the best of Northern Motown Soul, is back at the popular Caddy Shack on June 24. Their Sunday roasts are good too.

֎ Bubu’s Tuesday quiz night in the gay Jomtien Complex held its last question setting on May 23. The break will last several weeks we hear.

֎ We like Hemingway’s Ploughman lunch every Thursday at 240 baht. It’s a UK idea which was first promoted by the Milk Marketing Board in the 1960s to boost national cheese sales. Also contains cold meat, bread, pickles and more.

֎ I’m dating a homeless woman. It was easier talking her into staying over. (Garry Shandling).

֎ If I’m not in bed by midnight, I’m going home. (Night club customer).

֎ The Mix Discotech on Walking Street has happy hour 22.00-24.00 as an attraction for the Beach Vibes Wednesday Party.

֎ In answer to a query, Alcazar has four shows nightly 5.00, 6.30, 8.00, 9.30 pm. Now you know.

֎ The sacred oxen prophesied recently on the annual ploughing ceremony that Thailand will have plentiful crops and rain. Was there ever a year when these pampered animals predicted otherwise?

֎ Pattaya Wine Club is best contacted through their Facebook group page.

֎ There will be 7,000 flights bringing Chinese visitors during July, August and September. If that seems a lot, it’s 50 percent lower than in pre-pandemic 2019.

֎ Pattaya’s new MP is Yodchai Puengporn from the Move Forward Party. He wants Sin City to be a 24-hour place when it comes to licensing laws. Been said before.

֎ Pattaya Marathon is the weekend of 22-23 July. Up to 15,000 runners expected on a variety of routes. Ages last year ranged from four years to 89.

֎ If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style. (Quentin Crisp).

֎ I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. (Bill Cosby).

֎ Pattaya Gay Festival is June 23/24 with concerts, parades and music to suit all tastes. Come one come all.

֎ Are Pattaya weed shops making a profit? Many certainly look empty.

֎ On the gogo front in Pattaya, some are opening and some are closing. A recent new arrival is Coke A Gogo in Soi Diamond.

֎ We’ve been asked to say that Crazy Run Girls is back in business. A promise kept.

֎ History is a pack of lies about events that never happened, told by people who weren’t there. (Failed history graduate).

֎ There’s one way to find out if a man is honest – ask him. If he says “yes”, you know he’s a crook. (Groucho Marx).

֎ Immigration: people often ask how much is a one year visa extension in Thailand. The answer is 1,900 baht without exception. Assuming, that is, you have all the right paperwork. Sometimes a big “if” eh?

Happy Hunting!