Pattaya offers free pet vaccinations, sterilization

A girl takes her beloved cat to be vaccinated against rabies at Wat Thamsamakee Temple.

Pattaya launched its latest mobile pet clinic, offering free vaccines and sterilization services.

The Feb. 24 event at Wat Thamsamakee Temple provided rabies vaccines to healthy dogs or cats order than 3 months.

Sterilization was offered to Thai breed dogs and cats over 6 months old, although families were limited to two female dogs in one visit. There was no limit on cats or male dogs.

The mobile clinics regular offer rabies vaccinations, tick-flea injections, sterilization and contraceptive shots.

Cats rest in a row after going through a painless sterilization procedure.

All pets hate going to the vet, so they have to be coaxed or carried into the clinic.