Pattaya community leader hypes Naklua seafood markets

Extra-large crayfish, also sometimes called lobster, for sale in Naklua.

Seafood lovers should cast their lines in Naklua’s old fishing village and shop at Lan Po Market, a Pattaya community leader suggested.

Chairman of Lan Po Community Santi Thongnoi said March 1 that restaurants in his market-heavy neighborhood offer varied menus and open in the mornings. Shops, meanwhile, offer many choices of seafood to take home.

Santi said Lan Po has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, losing a vital supply of foreign shoppers. He invited Thais to come to Pattaya to find all their fresh seafood favorites.

Lan Po Market offers many choices of seafood.

Santi invites tourists to witness the local fishermen’s way of life.