Vikings coming to Richmond Soi Welcome

The Vikings ready for charity pool match.

On Monday March 15th at 8pm Bjorn will be playing Paul in a charity Pool match to raise funds for free food Friday.

Bjorn and Paul are very well known in the bar pool circles, and have both been involved in setting up leagues and competitions.

Bjorn has a bar called Jomtien Beach Pool House. It is a proper pool hall with many top quality tables. It was the 1st proper pool hall in Jomtien Beach.

Paul has a bar called Richmond in Soi Welcome. He has one table in the bar, which is top quality. We play in the Tuesday league and have killer on a Wednesday. All a bit of fun. Meet new people, make new friends.

Charity match 1st leg at Richmond Soi Welcome Monday 15th March 8pm, 2nd leg at JB Pool House Monday 22nd March 8pm.

Supporting free food Friday.
Would you like a charity match to raise money for free food Friday?
Contact Joy line/phone 098 961 8599