Obituary: Clive “Blondie” Robinson – A Pattaya Icon

Clive “Blondie” Robinson – A Pattaya Icon.

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of a very special & beloved man, Clive Stephen Robinson aka ‘Blondie’.

Blondie passed away peacefully at the age of 78 on the 22nd April 2022; with his wife Christine and son Justin by his side.

Hailing from St. Faiths, Norwich in England ‘Blondie’ grew up part of a simple farming family in the beautiful countryside of rural England.

Blondie sought adventure and thus chose to leave the comfort of home at the young age of 15. He sailed and explored the world as part of the British Merchant Navy.

Over time Blondie found a niche profession in which he excelled in proudly – pipelines, coatings, oil & gas. He established his company, Profound Innovations first in Malaysia in 1991 then moved the operation Sattahip in 1995. He was an expert in his field. Till this day he is still revered by many colleagues and peers within the industry for the wealth of knowledge & skill he possessed. In fact he designed and hand built most of his own mechanical painting equipment.

In spite of his thirst for adventure, Blondie held true to his roots and always appreciated the small things in life – especially the gift of nature. From sea to mountains & from fish to deer, he embraced it all.

In whatever free time he had, Blondie enjoyed and practiced many hobbies throughout his colourful life including hunting, water-skiing, radio controlled planes, gardening, BBQ-ing and last but not least fishing! All of these passions he shared enthusiastically with his children.

In contrast to such simplicity, there was, in actual fact, nothing simple in Blondie’s character. He was undeniably a no-nonsense kind of guy who was fiercely independent, flamboyant, proud and loyal. He was truly a big-hearted man that ensured any room he entered felt his presence.

It was clear that Blondie also had an exquisite thirst for a good time & laughter; which he enjoyed consistently and thoroughly amongst the company of his closest of friends. Having a few ‘ice cold drinks’ at the end of every hard working day was almost a ritual & he cherished these moments ever so dearly.

Last but not least, Blondie was a number one family man who loved his wife & children. Blondie rose above everything in order to provide the best life for himself and his family. Happily and willingly.

Sadly, even though Blondie is no longer here with us in physical form, forever he shall live in the hearts of those he loved and touched.

He is outlived by his darling wife Christine whom he loved with all his heart, along with three children & six grandchildren.

RIP Clive Stephen Robinson. You will be missed dearly and forever remembered in our hearts.