Nongprue officials bring food, aids to ‘long Covid’ sufferer

Nongprue Mayor Winai Inpitak watches with concern as medics tend to Prayuth Panprasong who suffers from “long Covid” making him weak and has trouble walking and caring for himself.

Nongprue officials brought food and mobility aid to a Pattaya-area man debilitated by “long Covid”. Mayor Winai Inpitak, his deputies and subdistrict council members descended upon the home of Prayuth Panprasong, who fell ill with Covid-19 in November.

While he is now virus-free, he has had continuing health problems related to the disease, a syndrome commonly referred to as “long Covid”. He is weak and has trouble walking and caring for himself.

As Prayuth was the main breadwinner, the family has fallen on hard times. Winai gave containers of food to the family and also brought walking aids to Prayuth.

The mayor said the subdistrict continually supplies wheelchairs, canes, hospital beds and other equipment to the needy, but is short on stock. He urged the public to donate at the subdistrict office.