Koh Larn Island overflows as Pattaya parking lots fill up

The bustling Bali Hai Pier parking lot at full capacity as tourists eagerly embark on ferries to Koh Larn Island, a popular destination off the coast of Pattaya.

PATTAYA, Thailand – The weekend of March 15-16 witnessed a remarkable surge in tourist arrivals, with parking lots at and around Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya quickly reaching capacity as visitors flocked to Koh Larn Island, Pattaya’s renowned island destination. The bustling scene indicated a high level of tourist activity, underscoring Koh Larn’s enduring popularity among both domestic and international travellers.

Ferries and speed boats transporting tourists were observed operating at full capacity, with authorities emphasizing the utmost importance of safety for all passengers. Additionally, police issued a warning to individuals collecting parking fees from tourists, highlighting the legal repercussions they may face for such actions.

As the tourist season continues, Pattaya maintains its status as a vibrant hub for travellers seeking sun, sand, and sea. Koh Larn Island stands out as a must-visit destination for those exploring the region’s coastal beauty, promising unforgettable experiences for visitors from near and far.

Hundreds of eager tourists walk along Bali Hai Pier, ready to board ferries bound for Koh Larn, known as the paradise island.