Jomtien Beach undergoes major makeover, boosts tourism and safety

A newly widened and well-lit Jomtien Beach awaits tourists and locals alike, as part of a major makeover project to enhance tourism and safety in the area.

PATTAYA, Thailand – In a bid to enhance tourism and safety, the beach in Na Jomtien, Pattaya’s neighboring beach, has undergone a significant transformation. News reporters visited the site on December 10, to witness the completion of a beach restoration project initiated under the “Adding Sand, Restoring White Sandy Beaches” program.

The project, overseen by the Port Authority, strategically widened the beach by an impressive 50 meters, successfully completing the first phase. This development not only provides additional space for beachgoers but also prevents erosion caused by waves, ensuring a sustainable and attractive coastal environment.

The Na Jomtien subdistrict municipality, the key player in managing the beach area, has concurrently undertaken a project to improve safety and aesthetics. This includes the relocation of electric poles and the installation of high mast lighting poles. Ten towering high masts with eight lights each, standing at 20 meters each, have been strategically placed. The total budget for this initiative amounts to 2,177,000 baht.

Double M International Co., Ltd., the contracted construction company, commenced operations on September 27, with a scheduled completion date of December 25. The comprehensive project aims to not only cater to daytime tourists but also create a secure and visually appealing atmosphere for those who choose to explore the beach during the evening.

Miss Raphiphan Rattanaleiam, the Mayor of Na Jomtien, emphasized the global popularity of the beach as a sought-after destination for relaxation. The addition of high mast lights is expected not only to enhance safety for evening travelers but also to contribute to the overall visual appeal of the beach after sunset.

The local authorities anticipate a surge in tourism in the coming weeks, attributing the increased interest to the completed project. As tourists continue to flock to the area for both daytime relaxation and evening strolls, the economic impact on local businesses and tourism is expected to be substantial.