Global friends celebrate Chinese New Year at Inga’s

Radiant smiles and eternal bonds, the girls capture the spirit of Chinese New Year at Inga’s festive celebration. (l-r) Liz from the UK, Inga (Swedish-Thai), Shazia (Pakistani-Punjabi) Sue (Thai-Punjabi), Tana (Thai-Chinese), Ayesha (Pakistani-Punjabi), Pat (Thai/ British/Indian/Singaporean). Photo by Kevin the Aussie.

Once upon a time, in a quaint little village nestled amidst the lush beaches of Pattaya, there lived a curious group of friends from various corners of the world. There was Inga the Thai-Swede, Liz the Brit, Shazia, the Pakistani-Punjabi, Sue, the Thai-Indian, Tana, the Thai-Chinese, Ayesha the Pakistani-Punjabi and Pat, the Thai/ British/Indian/Singaporean. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they were the best of friends, always eager to celebrate each other’s cultures and traditions.

As Chinese New Year approached, Inga couldn’t contain her excitement. She invited her friends over to her cosy cottage for a grand celebration. They were just as thrilled at the prospect of experiencing Chinese New Year first-hand. Inga busily decorated her home with vibrant red lanterns, lucky symbols, and intricate paper cut-outs, while her friends looked on in amazement. Liz attempted to help by hanging lanterns but ended up in a tangled mess of strings, much to everyone’s amusement.

International and Chinese Delicacies unite in a culinary extravaganza at the celebration.

As the evening approached, Inga taught her friends the customs and rituals of Chinese New Year. They eagerly learned to make dumplings, tossing the dough with gusto and laughing as they shaped them into various amusing forms, from misshapen pigs to lopsided chickens. They gathered around a table laden with traditional Chinese dishes, from savoury spring rolls to sweet moon cakes. Despite their initial hesitation, the multi-cultural friends eagerly sampled each delicacy, delighting in the unique flavours and textures.

Tana, Pat, Inga, and Sue embrace the Dragon, sending wishes of Happiness, Good Health, and Prosperity to friends across the globe.

As the night wore on, they exchanged stories and laughter, their bond growing stronger with each passing moment. Inga’s friends realized that while they came from different corners of the world, they shared a common love for friendship, laughter, and the spirit of celebration. Before departing to go back home to their families, the women gathered in a circle, hands clasped together in unity. They made a promise to celebrate Chinese New Year together every year, embracing the traditions and customs that brought them closer as friends and as a global family.