Foreign tourists return to celebrate Loy Krathong on Pattaya Beach

A lovely European couple carry their krathongs down to the beach to be floated into the sea.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet opened Pattaya’s official Loy Krathong celebration Nov. 8 on the beach at Central Road. Tourists joined lovers on Thailand’s version of Valentine’s Day to float their flower, candle and incense baskets, enjoy live music and cultural shows.

The center of the event, however, was the Krathong contest where 18 teams of students and the general public competed to create the most beautiful Krathong in four hours and only with natural materials. Teams – split into primary and secondary school categories as well as one or the public – also had to wear traditional Thai dress or flowered shirts.

School No. 7 won first prize in both the primary and secondary school categories, winning 15,000 baht for each. Schools 5, 1, 9 and 4 placed second through fourth, respectively. Consolation prizes went to School No. 3.

In the secondary education group, Pattaya schools 4, 9, 8 and 5 finished second to fourth. School No. 3 again won the consolation prize.
Among the public, the Sattabongkot won first prize, followed by the Khun Nai Tanee, Chang Rod Prakhonchai Jasmine Rice, and Tong Kan Kaew teams.

The rest of the night saw cultural performances including a Little Miss Noppamas pageant and music from Whal & Dolph.

Pattaya Beach was packed with thousands of Thais and foreigners who floated their krathongs, wishing away bad luck and beckoning in good fortune.

After a long absence foreign tourists were back in force to celebrate Loy Krathong in Pattaya.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet together with his deputies and advisors gather on the beach to float their krathongs.

Winners of the Krathong-making competition line up on stage to receive their prizes.

A tourist is invited to perform the traditional Thai dance with a love Thai lady on the beach.

Security officers confiscate fireworks from a boy while giving him a stern warning not to sell or light crackers on the beach.