Folk singers headline 3rd week of Pattaya Music Festival

Ja Nongpanee, wows the crowd with her famous song ‘Kun Hoo’ (Itchy ear).

Folk singers Takatan Chonlada and Ja Nongpanee thrilled crowds during the third week of the Pattaya Music Festival.

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome kicked off the penultimate weekend, which saw the festival come to Lan Po Public Park for the first time.

Also on the bill were Ja Nongpanee, Mahahing Band, and Pee Saderd.

As before, the number of people wanting to see the show outstripped the number of socially distanced seats. Those admitted into the stage area had to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and produce a recent negative test result.

This coming weekend will see the finale of the concert series, with one stage set up on Pattaya Beach at Central Road Dec. 10-11.

Takatan Chonlada had the crowd in a frenzy with her ‘Bo ngued jad met’ (Don’t care that you discarded me)

Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome goes up on stage not to sing, but to greet the spectators.

The ‘new normal’ for watching rock concerts, enclosed in a corral, sit neatly in your chair, wear facemasks and groove to the rhythm of the music.