Dr. Margret Deter installed as president of Rotary E-Club Dolphin International Pattaya

PDG Pratheep S. Malhotra installs Dr Margret Deter as president of the Rotary e-Club Dolphin Pattaya International for 2020-21. At the same time Maneeya Engelking was presented with her Past President’s badge and appointed as the Assistant District Governor of District 3340 Rotary International.

The Rotary E-Club of Dolphin Pattaya International held a ceremony to bid farewell to President Maneeya Engelking and install Margret Deter as President for the Rotary year 2020-21.

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The event was held at the Mabprachan Terrace on Saturday, July 4, 2020.

Charter President Dr Otmar Deter presents an award of achievement to Past President Maneeya Engelking expressing “Our heartfelt gratitude for your sacrifice and dedication in Serving Humanity and our Rotary Club during the 2018-20 Rotary Years”.

Charter president Dr. Otmar Deter presented the club’s projects and achievements and thanked President Maneeya for her unwavering leadership for the past two years.

He pointed out the charity work, including giving food to the poor during the coronavirus pandemic, when the economy crashed and thousands of people lost their jobs.

“Our club under President Maneeya’s leadership has worked tirelessly to give educational materials to the poor children, the underprivileged, blind and the homeless children in our communities,” Dr. Otmar said

“We inducted 15 new members into our club in the last two years. This is a great achievement.”

One project that the club is especially proud of is the support for the HRH the Princess Mother Royal Prostheses Foundation which he and Dr. Margret received Royal recognition for their sacrifice and dedication in taking care of the disabled in Thailand.

President Dr Margret Deter (2nd right) stands proudly with her board of directors.

Past District Governor Pratheep S. Malhotra officiated at the ceremonies, installing Margret Deter as President of the club for 2020-21 and presenting PP Maneeya Engelking with the distinguished Past President’s badge on behalf of DG Wimon Kachintaksa. He also adorned her with the distinguished badge of Assistant Governor for Zone 5 of District 3340 R.I. for 2020-21.


President Margret said, “The future will be very different because of the Coronavirus pandemic that has hit humanity. But through these trying times, Rotarians will still work hard to help humanity. The new Rotary theme is ‘Rotary Opens Opportunities’ so we will look for positive opportunities to be of service to our communities and our country.

“Our Rotary club goal will be ‘Doing good in the World.’ We are members of a large Rotary family, so we will work together with our Rotary families in other clubs in the spirit of love and fellowship.”

Many new members were inducted into the Rotary e-Club Dolphin Pattaya International that same day.

Rotarians from far and wide in Thailand attended the traditional Rotary affair.