Closed Pattaya bars may disappoint November tourists

Walking Street looks like a ghost town. Where can the tourists go to get a drink and enjoy their holiday in Pattaya?

There aren’t expected to be many, but the foreign tourists who do arrive in Pattaya may be disappointed when they see all the bars still closed.

As things stand, there is no plan to reopen bars, pubs and clubs until at least December. The same goes for selling alcohol in restaurants. Industry groups are calling for the government to relent and allow nightlife and alcohol sales Nov. 1, with the launch of Thailand’s reopening, but the central government hasn’t even hinted it’s listening.

German expat Thomas said a number of his friends from back home are anxious to visit Pattaya again after missing the 2020-21 high season. However, he said, they like to hang out at beer bars and Walking Street. With neither opening in the near future, the Germans back home may hold off visiting, Thomas said.

Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization President Wittaya Kunplome said he doesn’t foresee Pattaya tourism returning to normal until the 2022-23 high season.

For a very short period during a lull in the spread of COVID-19 some souvenir shops opened, but zombies didn’t have any money, so it’s back to becoming a dismal street.

Will these entertainment places open in time to catch the returning tourists, or will they ever open for business again at all?