Centra Avenue Hotel continue feeding Pattaya’s needy

People line up in front of the Centra Avenue Hotel to get food from the benevolent proprietors of the hotel.

For more than three months, the Centra Avenue Hotel has been feeding Pattaya’s unemployed and struggling public and has no plans to stop until the coronavirus recession eases.

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Managing Director Maimon David Masiano launched the food donations at the Soi Buakhao hotel 105 days ago, offering 300 meal boxes and drinking water a day.

Managing Director Maimon David Masiano promised to continue giving our food daily until the need subsides.

The Israel-native said Aug. 21 that people accepting help included motorcycle-taxi drivers, street vendors and even foreigners remaining in Pattaya. Every handout is organized with social distancing and mask use required.

Masiano said that although Pattaya’s economy has bottomed out now that the lockdown is over, the economy has not recovered due to the lack of foreign tourists.

So the hotel will continue to spend about 5,000 baht a day to feed those in need, he said.

Food is distributed daily at noon.

A motorbike taxi driver gratefully receives his food package.


Hundreds of people come daily to the Centra Avenue Hotel to get a food.