All immigration offices closed on Monday December 12

TM30 address registration of new arrivals is now completed in a carpark booth.

The national public holiday for constitution day falls on Saturday 10 December, so Monday 12 December becomes a public holiday by substitution. Most government and local authority buildings will be closed and that includes all immigration offices nationwide. They reopen Tuesday 13 December at 8.30 a.m.

Pattaya immigration office, based in Jomtien, is currently busier than usual largely because of the reintroduction of international tourist flights at the U-tapao airport, 45 minutes away and serviced by a new motorway. In particular, Russian arrivals have boosted visits to immigration for address registration and for certificates which are part of the bureaucracy for opening bank accounts or seeking a driving license.

90 days reporting for expats is performed in the carpark booth next to the main gate.

In an attempt to reduce stress, Pattaya immigration office has now established in the car park a new base for newly-arrived tourists to register their address on form TM30. This is a requirement where the hotel or condo owner doesn’t do so, usually online and with an immigration receipt. The paperwork required with the TM30 is a copy passport (visa and ID page) and proof of residence which is typically a hotel receipt or condominium ownership certificate. Proof of TM30 registration is needed to apply for visa extensions or any other immigration service during the stay in Thailand.

Pattaya immigration also established several years ago a separate carpark booth for long-term visitors to report for the 90 days residence. This is still operational, just by the main immigration gate, for those expats who do not report online. An immigration spokesperson said, “At the moment there is no quiet time, but the periods best avoided if possible are the days before and after public holidays or weekends.” She added there were no current plans to open a second and temporary immigration office in the Pattaya area which had been established during last year’s Covid crisis to discourage crowds.


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