Wife loves the Middle East


Dear Hillary,

I have been married to my Thai wife for eight years and together for 10 years.  We don’t live in UK but KSA, in fact my wife loves the Middle East, as I do, and we have worked very well together here.  We go on hols to Thailand three times a year and occasionally visit UK and other countries.  I am a very happy man and I know I have a diamond.


Dear Homer,

Yours was the second email on this subject to come in on the same day, dealing with the same situation, and at first I wondered if you were the same person as the letter above yours.  However, living in KSA you are not likely to do much skiing, other than sand slides.  I am pleased to hear that your marriage has been made in heaven, but you did not say how you met your little diamond, who is not a cubic zirconia.  Knowing that might be an example for all the love-sick swains who write to me.  All the best!