Insatiable appetite


Dear Hillary,

My Thai GF no sooner finishes eating than she’s ready to go again.  She’s as thin as a rake, but eats all the time.  Her mates are all just the same, finish one round and they’re ready for the next.  It gets me, I go out after the third course.  What’s the secret, Hillary?


Dear Wondering,

Is that “wondering” or “wandering” I wonder?  What do you do between courses four and five?  No, Petal, eating is more than just a meal for your Thai GF, it is a very social time when friends can get together and share the food.  That can occur at any time of day or night, but the food they eat, such as the favorite som tam is not high in sugar and calories, so that’s why your GF remains thin.  The chili also hurries the food through the system.  As the TV program warns, “Don’t try this at home!”  The real som tam can be far too spicy for foreigners.