Met Thai wife in a bar


Hi Hillary,

I met my Thai wife in a bar in 2004.  We are married and living in the USA.  We will move back to Thailand soon.  She speaks very good English now, and I speak better and better Thai.  She works here in the US as do I.  We are, and have been very happy.  She has become an expert skier as we live in the mountains.  Wonderful girl!  She is 31 and I am 68!

R & N

Dear R & N,

Well thank you, Petals.  It is good to get the other side of the coin flipped, even if it is generally in the minority.  I am glad to see that your Thai wife has also used the six years to learn some new skills, such as English and skiing.  However, I hope that you just watch, I think you’re just a little over the limit for snow skiing, even though you are not too old for some of the other exercises! And think of this as an advantage, when she turns 60 and gets the pension, you will only be 97.