Where’s the champers?


Dear Hillary,

Did you get the champers I sent you?  Got it in Qatar and sent it to you by registered post to make sure you got it.


Dear Dave,

No sweet pea, definitely no bubbly, but I don’t believe you are real (in fact how about a ‘go hok’?).  You can’t get champagne or wines in many Middle East countries, and nobody, but nobody tries to send bottles of wine by the post.  In Qatar, you can drink in a hotel, but you need a permit to buy alcohol by the bottle.  You must use your permit to buy only in the official alcohol distribution center, the organization that sells the permits.  Unfortunately you are not allowed into the center without a permit to go and buy the permit.  A real Catch 22.  There must be ways around it, but it’s not easy.  Nice try Dave.  Next time bring it to me in person, that’s a good boy.