Wants a take-home pack – the waitress


Dear Hillary,

There is a waitress in the Dusit Resort that I cannot get out of my mind.  She is so petite and sweet natured, and I have never seen her frown at anyone, no matter how demanding the restaurant customers can be.  I know her name because she wears a name badge, but I have never been able to just get her on her own for a quiet chat.  I have been wondering if I should approach the management and ask them to help?  I am going out of my mind.  Help me, Hillary.


Dear Jim,

You poor darling.  You really are smitten aren’t you.  However nice the management may be, I somehow don’t think they’re going to play match-maker for you.  No, Jim, you are going to have to do this all by yourself.  A small bunch of flowers left at the reception desk for her with who it is from is a good start.  Then next time you are in for lunch or dinner you can ask her if she got the flowers.  You have by this shown your interest and it is then up to her whether she returns it.  This is not an easy task either, young James.  Thai ladies can be very “proper” and it is not so easy to woo one over.  You should read the book Bangkok Angel by Mike Smith, who did exactly what you are going through now.  It took Mike years and thousands of pounds, but for him it was all worth it.  I hope it is for you too.  You sound a nice man.  Remember too, if you do get a rejection, you can always send the flowers to Hillary.  And don’t forget the champagne and chocolates, darling.