Chauvinism’s not dead yet


Dear Hillary,

I need a little help here.  I was raised that a woman’s place is in the home.  She is the homemaker, cleans, cooks, washes and all that sort of thing.  Is it different in Thailand, or what?  My Thai GF is a good buddy, but she believes that housework is done by the maid, not by her.  That’s OK while we’ve got a maid, but the last one has left and if I don’t throw things in the washing machine, then we’ll have no clothes by next Wednesday.  Likewise the cooking.  If I don’t do it we would starve.  Is this what happens in Thailand, on the other hand, is she dead set lazy?  I’m getting tired of working all day and then come home to dirty dishes.


Dear Eric,

Things are not the same as where you came from.  Thai women who have been brought up to a higher standard expect housemaids/cooks/laundry.  They would never dream of doing it themselves.  Dish-pan hands are not a good look!  I suggest you look for a laundry in your area – there will be one handy as they are everywhere, eat out at the cheaper roadside eateries and if needs be, get a contract cleaner a couple of times a week.  Male chauvinism died out many years ago, my Petal.