Ursula Undress?


Dear Hillary,

I never thought of myself as a prude, but what do you think of the way these girls dress round here.  Or maybe I should have said “undress” round here.  Every day I see girls with dresses so short it barely covers their panties and when they go up escalators, nothing is left to the imagination.  While they dress like that, they are asking to be molested.  The boy is the one who gets in trouble, but it is these girls who taunt the boys with the sexy dresses that cause the trouble.  I reckon Weinstein was just being the everyday male blessed with a freely given opportunity.  I mean, would you go up to see some man in a hotel room?  And then crack on surprised when the man makes an advance?  Do you agree with me Hillary?


Dear Harves,

I’m sorry, but while I agree some girls here dress in a very sexually alluring manner, but it is the girl who gets pregnant and is also in trouble. If the society accepts the dress code which worries you, it means the girls’ parents have given their agreement.  I believe it is back to sex education for the boys and the girls.  I might also suggest you stop being an ‘up-skirt voyeur’.  You are not a prude – you are a Dirty Old Man, as well as a Male Chauvinist Pig.