A well-spoken, polite policeman


I went into a police road check the other night.  I had just come from dinner with the children and had one glass of white wine.  I was asked whether I had any alcohol to drink and was politely told to park my car off to the side.  He then asked for my driver’s license and told me it would be a couple of minutes as they had a couple to test before me.  I congratulated the policeman on his command of English and then it was my turn.  I was not apprehensive as I knew that with just one glass of white I would be well within the 05 limit.  My result was 011, so now you know what one glass of white will register.  The policeman thanked me and gave me my license back.

In the meantime the two in front of me were being helped into the back of the police pick-up.  “They failed” said my friendly policeman.  Legless would have been my description, one of them with a motorcycle weighed down with vegetables from the market plus wife and children.

I should have got the policeman’s number, but they are not all the confrontational upholders of the law that one often does meet.